Have you ever seen a zebra without stripes? No? Me neither! – and I presume: the special beauty of these animals would simply be gone…
Likewise our whole world is structured: we depend on discriminating, in order to gain orientation. Luckily every human being has a unique appearance inside and outside. The same applies to animals, landscapes, minerals, cultures, religions, dishes, arts or whatever we may think of: they´re all different. And it would be a disaster, if they were not, because we´d loose orientation.
The bad thing is, while discriminating, we tend to judge and by doing so, we start fighting each other and destroying diversity. And we´ve come far in doing so.
Means, we urgently need to reconsider, to become humble towards anything and start appreciating and protecting diversity. In order to do so, we need to communicate, which is difficult due to different languages, cultures, conditions of life etc.


we humans are blessed with the ability to do things like sports, art or music,

to overcome national and cultural borders 

and join together in peace and – literally – in harmony!

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