Have you ever seen a zebra without stripes?

Me neither! – and I presume: if so, the special beauty of these animals would simply be gone….
This is, how our world is structured: we depend on discrimination, in order to gain orientation. Luckily every human being has a unique appearance inside and outside. The same applies to animals, landscapes, minerals, cultures, religions, dishes, arts or whatever we may think of: they´re all different. And it would be a disaster, if they were not, because we´d just be completely lost.
The bad thing is, while discriminating, we tend to judge and by doing so, we start fighting each other and destroying diversity. And we´ve already come way too far in doing so!
Means, we urgently need to reconsider, to become humble towards anything and to start appreciating and protecting diversity. In order to do so, we need to communicate, which is difficult due to different languages, cultures, conditions of life etc.
BUT: we humans are blessed with the ability to do sports, art or even music! By doing so, we can overcome national and cultural borders and join together in peace and – literally – in harmony!

What could be better these days?!

Let´s sing together NOW and you´ll feel better!

via ZOOM:

  • 1 – 2:30 pm UTC (Great Britain etc.)
  • 14 – 15:30 Uhr MEZ (Germany etc.)
  • saa 10 – 11:30 jioni (Tanzania etc.)

Save these dates:

 Saturday, 27th March,

Saturday,24th April,

Saturday, 29th May

Saturday, 26th June

 Saturday, 24th July

Saturday, 28th August

Saturday, 25th September

Saturday, 30th October

Saturday, 27th November

Saturday, 18th December

You need: a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera and internet-access.

In order to install ZOOM (the application we´ll be using) on your device, got to Download-Center – Zoom

Also send us a message and we´ll provide you with the link to join!

One day, when conditions will allow it again, we may plan for some kind of life meeting, performing together, sharing life, maybe even doing a concert to spread our message!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Ingrid Sievers & Mary Pantlin